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Swell.Country SurfSkate Case Study

Swell.Country SurfSkate Case Study

  • Yusuke Imamura

Executive Summary

Increased a surf - skate company’s e-commerce revenue by 1100% Year over Year. 34x ROI achieved with email marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, Instagram posts, display marketing, and Ad Roll. We have achieved immaculate results by having a congruent marketing campaign and hyping up everything.


The surf-skate company came to us asking about doing marketing. They were on the show, “Shark Tank” and had gotten attention. However, they didn’t really have any marketing knowledge. The great thing about this company is that they had a great product, but didn’t know how to generate traffic and create leads from their target audience list.


Set up an email CRM that segmented clients by RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) as well as segmenting subscribers by the funnel they came through. We also setup Google ads, Facebook ads, Display ads, and create retargeting ads for people who “added to cart” but didn’t “check out”. As you all know, retargeting ads account for up to 70% of conversions. We have created a multiple layer of retargeting ads and displayed various creatives in order to get results.


Google Ads, Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Posts, 

More insights

The campaign was a massive discount offer. Our client wanted to clear out old inventory to order new inventory for the upcoming season and wanted to get products moving. We came up with a good deal that both the CEO and the customers would be happy with. Once we got the offer solidified, Swell Country came up with 3 major plans:

  1. Hype up - We created several series of posts and emails to target the email subscribers, Facebook fans, Instagram Followers, and current customers to purchase more. This was a series of 6 emails that we’ve sent out with marketing psychology heavily involved. Tactics such as scarcity, likability, urgency, storytelling were used to generate emails that resonated with the target audience. We also wanted to make sure that these
  2. Find people with similar interests - We used Facebook's Lookalike Audiences very heavily to generate TOFU (top of the funnel) traffic. Lookalike Audiences is a gold mine when used correctly. A business can target audiences that are similar to your customers, people who added products to cart, your page fans, etc. This will allow businesses to find a very similar audience to their current clients. Why is this a gold mine? Because  it allows businesses to target people who are very very similar to your audience and show ads to people who will be more qualified. We also did some audience research and found that our target demographic was 80% male - 20% female, mostly in 25-44 age range and they had a slightly higher income than the national average, living in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York, and North Carolina, and they liked craft beer, electronics, and enjoyed sports. With this in mind, We’ve put together 5-6 different Lookalike Audiences. These Lookalike Audiences generated a massive result for us.
  1. Remarketing - We used Ad Roll, Google Ads, Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads to create a massive remarketing campaign. Most of our conversions with a high ROI came from these campaigns. We have specifically setup exclusion rules so we don’t waste our clients precious ad spend budget. Anyone who already purchased got put in to the exclude list, while we also targeted people who purchased over 180 days prior on our clients website. This allowed us to create a funnel step that automatically targeted people who were “HOT” and ready to purchase.


There was a massive amount of money made with a very small budget. A 34X ROAS and a 1100% ROI compared to the previous year was achieved. Client was very happy that they were able to make a massive amount of revenue and profit. Furthermore, the client found out that a great offer with great campaign execution is key to making a lot of money. Our targeting played a huge role in creating a successful campaign, but aligning the copy and the creative was also essential to success.