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Executive Summary

Increased leads by 100x, and decreased cost by 200% from $1500 per lead to $15 per lead for a well-known university that has 40 campus’s in the United States and India. This resulted in a significant signup increase and generated an ROI that hasn’t been seen ever before. We primarily used Facebook ads, Google ads, native ads, and other network advertising platforms.


The University was previously paying $1500 per lead and they were not able to get any signups. They are very well-known but the has been a fairly well-known brand in the industry with little online presence. The company was signed up with a marketing agency that did not know the market. The agency lacked the knowledge to scale businesses from 6 figures as well. Also, another problem was that the Asian food company did not have a solid e-commerce operation and marketing strategy for the e-commerce operation.


Analyze and setup all marketing platforms, created campaigns that aligned with company offers, execution of marketing campaigns.


Google Ads, Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer Marketing

More insights

The previous facebook ad agency was doing about $93,000 in sales per month. We increased it to $517,000 in 2 months. The ad spend was $9,300 and the ROAS (return on ad spent) was 55.39x. The average industry standard ROAS is 3x - 4x, with good marketers able to achieve a ROAS of 5x.



The client was impressed by seeing the results. Furthermore, the client found out that scaling e-commerce must have a grand strategy with a solid team. With our years of e-commerce experience, we crafted and executed marketing campaigns that resonated with the target audience to increase sales by magnitudes.