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Swell Frequently Asked Questions

Swell Frequently Asked Questions

Swell Country is a full-service digital marketing agency located in sunny Southern California. We focus on one thing: making you money with proven PPC management, lead generation, social media management, and web design / development. We focus on two things to make you money: attracting new customers, and getting your current ones to purchase more. By buying our gigs, you get experienced marketers, copywriters, and designers to thoroughly research, create ads, write copy, design email campaigns, and much more, all of which moves the needle for your business.

Why Us?

We offer high-converting direct response ads and search ads at a fraction of the cost one would typically expect. All of our teammates are college grads (some from Ivy League schools) and have worked at fortune 100’s and well-known marketing agencies. We have created businesses that scaled from $0 to $10 million and managed marketing to increase sales to the 100’s of millions of dollars. By choosing us, your business benefits from our proven marketing expertise without having to invest a small fortune.

How Does This Service Work?

Once you choose the gigs that fit your needs and place an order, we will send you a link to a questionnaire with questions about your business. After you send us your answers, we will start working on your gig. Once completed, you will get your order delivered to your email address.

How Long Does It Take for a Gig to Be Delivered?

Orders usually take between 3 and 7 business days to be delivered. That said, many gigs have an express delivery service that reduces the turnaround time to just 1-2 business days. Note that custom orders may have a different turnaround depending on the scope.

Do You Need My Login Information?

For most gigs, we won’t need your login information. However, some gigs, like Facebook Pixel installation or Google Analytics Setup, require access to your Facebook or Google account in order to be delivered. For these gigs, we will log into your account only to perform the actions included in a gig and will never access nor tamper with it afterwards. However, for gigs that consist of fully managing your Facebook or Google campaigns, we will need constant access to your Facebook or Google account.

Will You Run the Ads You Create for Me?

For most of our gigs related to Facebook and Google ads, we simply create the content of the ads (whether it’s copy or images) and deliver them to you; you will then implement and run the ads on your own. However, if you order our Facebook or Google Marketing Consultation, we will take care of the entirety of your paid marketing campaigns, which includes running and optimizing your ad campaigns.

Can I Place a Custom Order?

Yes! If none of our gigs are a good fit for your specific needs, just contact us and we will get in touch with you to discuss what you need and create a custom order.

What is Your Guarantee?

Our marketing experts will deliver your order exactly as described in the gig’s page. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your delivery, we will happily provide as many revisions as necessary with no additional fees. You can even request a full refund if you like.