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Profitable Facebook Ads: Easy Tips To Create Them Today

Profitable Facebook Ads: Easy Tips To Create Them Today

  • Yusuke Imamura

Profitable Facebook Ads: Easy Tips To Create Them Today

The main purpose of Facebook Advertising is driving traffic to your website, increasing your website’s visibility and/or making users buy your product, subscribe for a newsletter, or take part in another kind of lead generation. But, your Facebook ads need to be profitable in the long term if you want to stay in the game.

Before giving you the easy tips to fix your ads, let’s quickly go through all of the different types of ads you can use on Facebook.

9 Types of Facebook Ads:

1. Link Click Ads

    These kinds of advertisements are typical if you want to encourage people to check out your website or blog posts. They can be placed in several locations on the page, aiming to deliver the message across multiple News Feeds, reaching a bigger audience. The ad should have a big picture with a short description and headline, the text occupying only 20% of the space. The positive and desired effect of this type: it will give you the advantage of Likes. Keep the interactions high by replying and commenting. This will, in turn, increase people’s engagement.

    2. Page Posts Ads

      This feature enables your post to reach a larger audience by setting up the target audience, promoting your Page Post in the Facebook Advertising Network. Also, your Page Post will have the word “Sponsored” mentioned on top of the ad.

      3. Sales Leads

        Facebook allows you to display multiple products and services in a single ad, which is especially helpful for eCommerce platforms. In these types of Facebook Ads, people can interact with your Page Post without leaving the platform, making the loading time 10 times faster!

        4. Carousel Ads

          This is another excellent choice for eCommerce advertising because it enables you to promote different products, so you can gauge what attracts the audience.

          5. Page Post Video Ads

            Video ads are also a form of Link Click Ads, the difference being that your advertisement features a video, not an image. These ads can be longer than an hour, but if we look at the most successful ones, they are around 20-40 seconds long.

            6. Dynamic Product Ads

              These types of ads target users based on past actions on your platform, while Facebook perfectly does all the re-targeting.

              7. Facebook Lead Ads

                This would be just another great way to get new leads, enabling people to sign up for your offer without leaving the Facebook site.

                8. Canvas Ads

                  This type is available only on mobile platforms, where touch screens allow people to swipe through a carousel of images, zoom in and out or tilt the image. These ads load 10 times faster than typical mobile ads.

                  9. Local Awareness Ads

                    This category of advertisements is best used by store owners because in this case, Facebook targets the audience based on location.

                    Let’s Make Facebook Ads Profitable

                    Choosing The Perfect Ad Type for You

                    Facebook Ads are getting more expensive by the day, a video ad is more likely to generate higher conversion rates than a still image if it has excellent content and Click Ads is effective. Even though banners are the easiest, videos cost less and conversion rates are higher. Make sure you tell a story in the video, keep it short, animated with emotions, and use transcribe captions. 

                    Great tip: new ads are being prioritized in the ads Algorithm, if you change your video each hour or so, you will get cheaper impressions and excellent placements, generating higher ROI (Return on Investment) in Ads, with optimum spend reduction.

                    Facebook is used worldwide by more than one billion people daily, which means that your target audience is already there, and choosing wisely your target is the most important thing. Even though people are on Facebook to interact with friends, share a status update or enjoy funny videos from friends, and not particularly looking forward to buying things offered in ads, if your campaign is well-targeted and intentional, with a clever layout, it may spark their interest. 

                    People don’t want to risk spending money on something they think might not be worth it, that is why you need to convince them that your product or service is worth their money.

                    One way is to add customer testimonials of people who were satisfied with your service, making them more inclined to click and convert. Offering an incentive, in the way of freebies, gifts, or coupons makes them more likely to try your brand, compared with discounts and cheaper prices. If you add to that a sense of urgency, people may fear of missing out on a great deal.

                    Before setting up your ad, you have to build a custom audience profile, with the features and attributes of the ideal customer for your site conversion, based on gender, age, location, interests/hobbies, and language.

                    There might be cases when you can’t be sure of the ideal customer profile, in which case you can use the “Audience Insides” feature option, where you can customize the audience even further by location and relevant interest. There is also an “Advanced” section, which you can use after you have learned to know your audience better.

                    Based on Facebook feedback, the best age target is 25 to 54. Next, you will select the pages that are closest to your interest, so you will have the highest conversion.

                    Selecting “When you should be charged” section

                    You can choose to be charged “per click” or “by impression”. If you decide on “per click” for the beginning it is a good starting point. After a while, if your campaign is not generating enough clicks, you can change that setting to “by impression”. After these changes, if your ads are not generating enough clicks, you will need to make changes in the targeting section.

                    Adjusting The Bidding Settings

                    You might be tempted to use the “Automatic” option, but you will achieve much better results with the “Manual” option. When you click on the Manual option, you will be provided with both a minimum and a maximum suggestion for how much you are willing to bid, per click. Somewhere in the middle is a good starting point. After a while, if your ad is not generating any impressions to your landing page, you can go higher with your bidding, only in the case that you consider it affordable for you, of course.

                    Customer lifetime value has to be taken into account as well, for your business to be profitable. You will always have to spend more money to acquire a new customer, then maintaining an existing one.

                    Ad Placements Influence CVR

                    With Facebook Ads, you should choose the placement option depending on the targeted audience. It may be on the timeline or sidebar for people using desktop versions, even an hour-long video for an audience interested in in-depth articles. Your ad showing up on the News Feed of your target audience while they browse on desktop computers has a higher click-through rate (CTR) and lower cost-per-conversion(CPC) than right column ads and at the same time, it is more alluring for people who don’t know your brand yet.

                    Mobile News Feeds appear only on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Although they have lower conversion rates than desktop News Feeds, it is a very efficient way to bring attention to your business and encourage conversions in the long run. Feel free to check out our Facebook Ad Benchmark post for more info on conversions and their cost.

                    Create The Perfect Ad

                    Your ad needs to have a high CTR value (Click-through rate) to drive more traffic to your page in a shorter time. In addition, a high CTR contributes to a good Quality Score, which in turn helps lower your cost per click. It also shows that you are targeting the right audience.

                    To avoid having low conversion rates, your landing page must be on par with your advertising. Even the best ad can’t help you if your website doesn’t stand up to what you promised in the advertisement. People will be discouraged and much more likely to leave your page.

                    Be Consistent

                    If your target audience clicks on the call to action button only to find out that the deal you were offering on your campaign is nonexistent, you will not be able to make high conversion rates. Throughout your Facebook Ad, you should be consistent with the color schemes, writing tone, and branding, reflecting the same characteristics as your business. The first thing that people should see when landing on your page is the discount or the deal that you are offering.

                    Mobile-Friendly web design is a necessity since more than 50% of people who buy online use their smartphones when making purchases.

                    Facebook is a very visual platform, which means your ads must be eye-catching for your custom audience. Study successful styles of advertising, even if it’s not your niche, it surely can be implemented into yours.

                    For the best impact of your ad, the image has to be predominant, with little text. If you include a call to action in your copy, people will know what to do next.


                    On a final note, generating revenue remains the main focus of any business. Depending on what type of return you are expecting on an investment you make in your business, whether to increase profits, reduce expenses or increase brand awareness, return on investments (ROI) can always be improved.

                    You can always improve a low ROI Facebook Ad Campaign, by constantly changing or tweaking your ad: whether it is changing the target audience, having multiple variations of the same ad or changing still images to videos, they all are excellent tools to find the winning combination.